Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Insanity day 4

This experience is very different for me.  Inch by inch, I follow the patterns and only until today have I really seen the results starting to appear.  It must be the same experience that the genius artist, Chuck Close, went thru. 

His painting is 102" high by 84.5" wide - meaning he handled a massive undertaking that involved hundreds of roughly 2.5" squares, each with it's own personality and color combination. 

At some point today, on day 4, I made up a new palette on my pizza pan that involved what colors I've been mixing.  Jewel tones mostly.  And trust me, I put down a color, wash the brush, add another color, wash the brush - repeating that about.... let's see.... about 385 times in an area 6" x 1.5".  CRAZY. 

What's on my mind as I paint this is how Close made his decisions for shapes, colors, etc per cell.  When I back away, I see some logic, but the rest is magic.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

I Must Be Insane

Cell by cell, inch by inch, the beginnings of a 12 x 12" painting - what you see is 3" x 9".  This is 50% agony and 50% Zen.