Monday, July 25, 2016

Progress of 'Walk A Mile' day 1

Day 1 

The size of this painting is 12 x 12" and includes a Norman Rockwell painting 'The Problem We All Live With', a grandmother and her two twin grandsons viewing the painting.

Because it's important to me to render Rockwell's painting accurately, I grid my reference photograph and transfer the guidelines onto my panel.  I've painted my panel with a ground black, although it doesn't look as black on this photo, using a grey colored pencil to sketch out the main lines.

I work from the top left to right mainly to keep it neat - sometimes my tired painting hand (right) has to lean on the panel and I don't want it to smudge.


  1. I enjoy the wee bit of light upon her shoulder and the tip of her ear.. you draw the eye in. Thank you for shating

  2. What an extraordinary reference photo.