Thursday, July 28, 2016

Progress of 'Walk A Mile' day 4

early in the day...

I pondered on the camouflage shorts but decided they tied in harmoniously with the U.S. Marshall's suits.  And if I didn't like the results, I'd just wipe it and start over - but I like it.

The legs are tricky.  There's close together, a little confusing who's leg is who's but they're twins.  Intertwined.


I had no plans for the wall color.  Often I approach it as some do when choosing a wall color for a room in their house.  Going on gut, put a little patch down and feel it out.  Then I work with adjustments. 

early evening... 

The Democratic Convention on my TV, next to my painting, has really fueled my progress the last few days, to be honest.  I'm psyched.  Off to a shower and dinner and watching the last night. Yay.

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