Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Progress of 'Walk A Mile' day 2

Slow progress today - enjoying the woman's blouse design and trying hard not to overdo it.  The little girl has to be so very accurate in proportions, so I took my time with all of her then carving the borders of her figure with the back wall color.

Now I could use some coffee...


  1. love your work - thanks for sharing the process!

  2. When I saw this on DailyPaintworks I thought it was finished. I know it will be beautiful when you complete it, but I have to say I find it very interesting in it's present state. As one who has been moved by the sermons of black preachers and participated in Black Lives Matter demonstrations, I feel that black folks are still not fully even recognized as people sometimes, even with our powerful and inspiring First Family. It seems to me these young men in this unfinished state are depicting as trying to fully inhabit their very bodies in the manner of Ta-Nehisi Coates, Between the World and Me Just my two cents. Love your work!

  3. That gave me chills. Thank you Sharon.