Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Color, Color, Color

Please pardon my absence - I get so into things and forget to organize a posting. 

I've been on a break from painting recently.  I went off taking new photos, carving pumpkins, cleaning house.  When I got back to the real world, I felt this need to go buy some new paint colors I read about and ended up getting a few acrylic colors to play around with different grounds.  I usually paint on black.  Time to try something different.  It relieves the boredom and sometimes something new and unusual happens as a result.

Here are the acrylic colors I chose ....

An acidy green, white, a lipsticky red, a wine tone, Indian Yellow and an aqua I had already.

And I just went to town mixing...

Then I loosely painted the acrylic on white, pre-gessoed panels....

I favor warm grounds, but included some purples and cool blues.

Speaking of new colors, Gamblin came out with these wonderful, yummy colors I know I'll use avidly...

From left to right - Portland Warm Grey, Portland Cool Grey, Green Gold, Warm White and Cool White. 

I must have 6 different brands of Green Gold and I love them all.  I find it essential for tinting skin tones, grass greens and beach sand.  Yummy.

If you're ever in need of new enthusiasm with painting, I suggest buying some new colors and start mixing up something new on your palette.

Paint On!


  1. Karin - The local art supply store that I frequent conducted a Gamblin workshop last saturday where they showed these exact colors. Do you use a lot of Gamblin products in your paintings or have you experimented with Rembrandt, Newton and Windsor etc? Would love to read your thoughts on this.

  2. As a result of painting for about 7 years now, I've zeroed in on my favorites - specific colors by specific brands. Although I have more Gamblin than any other brand, I love Richeson for some tones, M Graham for some, Holbein for many and a few Old Hollands that can't be beat, etc. I have this obsession with Green/Gold and have about 6 different brands of that, all have their own merits.

  3. So, you prime with acrylics, and after they dry, you use oil paints on top?

  4. I have used a black gesso, a latex paint and acrylics for laying down the ground.

  5. You are like motivational coach to me and im gonna link your blog into mine. I'm a huge fan.