Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Brushes Brushes Brushes

My Favorite Things ~ Part 3

It's a personal thing with painters.  I know that.  If you have your favorites, it's because it either just feels right in your hand or you're convinced it's the secret to how well you paint. 

I'm kinda amazed how painters use round tips with oils.  I'm even more amazed how expensive some are.  I learned a few years back I don't want to devote a lot of time to pampering my brushes, which is what you do with expensive brushes understandably.  That would drive me nuts.

Which is why I ended up liking American Painter brushes.  They're cheap.  I use them until they're spent then give them to an artist friend who believes in bringing them back to life.

I really like painting with a flat brush so I use what are called 'washers'.  Meant for watercolors but who cares.  This handful is about $90 worth and if I paid attention to sales, I'd pay 40% less.  I get them at Michaels and sometimes order them thru Dick Blick.

It's probably the single most asked question what brushes I use, so there you have it.


  1. Thank you so much, Karen. I'm just starting out with oils after painting with pastels for a number of years. Your philosophy is similar to mine in this area and now I know what brushes to buy!

  2. We are twinners! Those are my favorite brushes too. It's all that will work for painting wet on wet in my opinion, and you can get such a good edge but also a good swath when needed. Yay!